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It's been made automatically using Travis-CI. On OSX If RetroShare is not available on your package manager or the available version is outdated you can find detailed instructions for each distribution we have tested down in this page.

Getting Debian

Retroshare is independently maintained on ALT Linux. Android experts may also be interested in trying development snapshots from the RetroShare Android builds by G10h4ck channel to give us feedback and hopefully submit patches. We strongly discourage the usage of development snapshots on a non development device. If none of the distribution specific options fits your setup you should try AppImage. To add it you can use the following commands:.

Alternatively you can use the package independently maintained on AUR.

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RetroShare is officially distributed along with Gentoo standard packages. You can instal it with the following command:. To install you can use the following commands:. Once you add the correct repository you can install Retroshare and receive updates with the following commands:. Hardware configuration Devices that work The following features work for lenny kernel 2.

MacBooks include a wireless card, which varies from model to model. Identify your network card and install the firmware packages needed for the operating system to use it. Backlight also works using frankie's backlight , that can be controlled with macbook-backlight-control. Are you sure? I've set it to PCM. If so please explain why Video Video now works automatically withour manually installing resolution.

Raspberry Pi Desktop (for PC and Mac)

Configure highres video playback For highres video playback something like the following is needed in the Device section: Option "LinearAlloc" "" Option "CacheLines" "" External monitor Note when using an external display: unless the display resolution is in the small builtin supported list it won't be if it's widescreen or highres then you may need to use resolution to set a mode for the external display.

Note when using multiple displays: the order for? MonitorLayout is "pipe a, pipe b" but this corresponds to "screen 1, screen 0", not "screen 0, screen 1" as you might expect and isn't documented in the man page Configure dual screen Dual screen configuration for etch does not work for xorg 7. Just use the usual single-screen xorg. You can control X with xrandr. The intel driver supports a max of x before turning off DRI. I dont thik you can chnage this while X is running so xrandr won't be able to make use the extra space until x is restarted.

If you have a wide screen already, I suggest setting up the macbook below the screen as you can then fit a x monitor. Install xcalib and enable the Color Profile : xcalib ColorProfile. Sound This is written under linux-image It works out of box with ALSA after disabling mute. Please note Surround output is connected to speaker via headphone plug.

Deepin Linux - Debian meets macOS (Installation & Review)

Neither Center nor Front are connected. You need to customize mixer default to unmute Surround to hear sound and optionally maximize its volume for ease of use. You can do this via alsamixer or gnome volume control. For gnome volume control, you need to customize it to get menu for surround enabled. Run alsamixer as root. Run alsactl store and enjoy.

Keyboard After the standard installation of Debian Linux, what you type on the keyboard might not be what you see on the screen, and some characters, such as curly brackets, might not be available at all.

Retroshare downloads

This is due to an incorrect keyboard mapping. German for a German keyboard, there may still be keys swapped, e. This can be corrected with a global option. Alt-Gr: Alt-Gr stands for 'alternate graphic' and is a modifier key, much like Shift or Ctrl, used to type special characters, typically the 'third symbol' on the lower right of a key. The Mac keyboard does not have such a key, so we want to configure the right Apple key as an Alt-Gr key.

Function keys: You may also want to configure the function keys. The keyboard mappings are configured separately for the X11 X Window system and for the consoles. To correct the swapped keys add "apple:badmap".

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To do both combine them with a separating comma, as shown below. Remark by some other author: Instead of "it" Italian layout , you might want to choose your layout. Also, more important, I had to insert: Section "InputDevice" Option "XkbVariant" "mac" However, it is also possible to change them in the Desktop Preferences. For the basic keyboard definition go to 'Layouts'. As 'keyboard model' choose '? For the configurations under discussion here go to 'Layout Options'.

Double boot - Mac OS X & Debian

When I did this I actually got obscure error messages. So this seems to be buggy and I would not recommend it also for this reason. For squeeze users, xorg has changed the way they handle the keyboard settings. There is a unified config file for xorg and console keyboard settings xorg. Or look at the parameters of the hid kernel module. Has anyone made the fn key work? MacBook2,1 osamu with current stable lenny, 2.

The use of pommed program as written above makes it work better. Other issues Screenshots: Italian keyboard U. S keyboard Alternatively you can work around this with xmodmap and xkbset for missing keys and mouse clicks. This problem has been fixed in Debian kernel 2. Synaptics Touchpad The touchpad is made by Synaptics , and should work out of the box. The easiest way to configure the touchpad in lenny is using gsynaptics Note: plural! In squeeze, this is replaced by gpointing-device-settings. Remark by some other author: For me, this did not work.

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  6. I had to insert one extra line, see below: Section "InputDevice" This is documented in the synaptics 5 man page, which is accessible by typing: man 5 synaptics For reference, see also: SynapticsTouchpad at Ubuntu wiki Synaptics TouchPad driver for X at? I mean no more accidental clicks by touching it but you can move pointer and scroll browser vertically. InputDevice" with "Generic Keyboard" should be adjusted to your original localized configuration of xorg.

    This example is for Japanese system. You can configure your touch pad by installing " gsynaptics " package or similar. I found relying on taps can get quite annoying. See below if you wish. You may execute these from X terminal emulators too. Redifinition of "keycode 19" for normal "0" key is for Japanese keyboard. Please adjust these key redifinitions as you like.

    Otherwise, I do not see "xmodmap -pke" reflecting changes. Somehow, mouse keys only were working and regular key redifinitions were not working. Kernel level emulation This needs to be verified. Recent kernel comea with "? Touchpad for the new unibody Macbook and Macbook Pro Note: this infomation is too old. The new unibody MacBook Pro requires a new touchpad driver to work. The driver bcm But I managed it, so you almost certainly can. First install git.

    You'll need to download the dkms too. This makes the deb.