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Here you can see I have the levels turned all the way up on the Behringer in Windows: What can I do to make these microphones record at a decent volume? Paul Stovell Paul Stovell 5. If you move the microphone level all the way down, does the recording go quiet? I'm wondering if that volume control is having any effect at all.

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Also, do you have a powered USB hub around by chance? I'm curious if your laptop is cranking out enough current for the mic preamp. USB hub - no I don't have one to test with. I've had the same issue in Parallels with a Rode Podcaster mic. Both hear me, but it is super quiet in Windows. Meligy Meligy 2 Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.

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Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Does your computer's audio control have a mic boost setting anywhere? This is usually accessed by a speaker icon in the taskbar at the foot of the screen.

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If you have Realtek audio, the setting for mic boost may be well-hidden in a most unlikely place. This Youtube video will show you where it is. There are other videos which use additional plug-ins.

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I am not familiar with the mic, so I don't know where these lights would be. There is a video on YouTube which may be of assistance: I am sorry not to give an easy fix. Please let us know how you get on. For example, the AKG Perception USB microphone is so "hot" to use a technical term that an appropriate recording level for speech is about db. However, if you check the user reviews for the C-1U on Amazon: One user recommends that people use the ASIO drivers.

However, I would object to paying for a third party driver when the manufacturer should be providing a workable one free of charge.

The USB version may suffer from a similar problem. It would be worth trying Ruth's suggestion of using a connection through an external powered USB hub. By the way, it is misleading to advertise this microphone as a large diaphragm condenser LDC. The diaphragm diameter is 16 mm - the true LDCs start at 25 mm 1 inch. Low output from a microphone is a particular problem in spoken word recordings because the human voice, as a rule, is much quieter than most musical instruments. Those who do get this microphone working correctly appear to be pretty happy with the sound quality.

I'm sorry that I answer you this late. I've tried your advice, but still have problems with the volume level. I have tried to install Behringer's recommended driver that's Asio4all , but it doesn't seems to work I can't find the driver anywhere. And after a little Googling, I found out that Audacity and Asio4all don't collaborate that good according to this Wiki: I have also tried to find mic boost settings, but I couldn't find that. I have just created a support ticket at Behringer, so I hope they can help.

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Until now, I have recorded two short texts to LibriVox with a lot of amplify and noise reduction, and I think the quality is acceptable. But, of course, it would be greater if I didn't have to manipulate the recording so much, but maybe it's okay till I find a solution By the way, I was thinking about what's the differences in Audacity's "volume booster" functions are.

Are normalize and amplify basically the same thing?

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And what is the difference of Audacity's microphone volume slide on top next to the speaker level slide and the one to the left in a recording under "mute" and "solo". What kind of volume boost is best? Thanks again - I really appreciate your help.