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On the other hand, this software is suitable for a medium-sized or small business. Accounting software for Mac users is often a less successful version of already established PC software, but MoneyWorks focuses on their Mac version first. With it, you can manage cash flow, organize orders and inventory, and localize each department. Boasting a simple, intuitive design, Xero happens to be very popular online bookkeeping software.

For Mac-based businesses that may have one or two PC devices lying around, this may be the best choice because it is so cross-platform-friendly.

With Xero, a business can keep track of invoicing, quotes, expenses, payroll, inventory, and purchasing. Like Xero, FreshBooks is online and mobile. This cloud-based, secure system allows you to track time, payments, and expenses with ease. Sometimes, you have to pay a lot for small-business accounting software. For Mac users, there happens to be a completely free option: Wave Accounting. This software also has a free version for Apple users. It eliminates the need for complex timesheets and steep learning curves.

Invoicing made easy

Using the software, you can come up with your own forms and invoices and tweak settings from the moment you create your account. It also allows you to set up taxes and tax groups and make their templates and logos available online. The software has an open API that enables it to run in conjunction with your existing architecture. Web service Online Invoices is designed to help companies handle and track sales, create invoices, accept and monitor payments, among other processes. It is a robust invoicing platform, which also doubles as an accounting and tax management tool.

With the solution, you can monitor business activities at any time and make necessary adjustments in areas where they are needed. The product comes in three modules that are designed to manage individual areas and workflows of your organization. Its Sales and Invoice Management System lets you track sales, come up with invoices and accept payments. A Client Follow-Up and Management feature, on the other hand, can greatly improve client communication, allowing you to use transaction history to boost your business. Lastly, the Invoice Management and Control system can help you in inventory management anytime, anywhere.

A total solution specifically designed to make expense reporting and tracking easier, Zoho Expense is capable of automating a number of expense management processes while efficiently making a record of your transactions. Using the tool, you can also convert your receipts into expenses bunch them together and generate a report, which takes but a single click of a mouse. A nifty feature of Zoho Expenses is its capability to automatically capture credit card transactions and convert them into expenses as well.

The system can run across all devices, making it accessible anytime, anywhere. However, if you want more functionalities, you can directly contact the vendor for a customized quote. A robust business expense management platform, Happay is designed to help businesses of any type and size to fund, track and manage expenditures online from the comfort of their computers and devices.

The app focuses on employees, allowing them to efficiently spend and manage expenditures without concerning themselves too much with reports and paperwork. The solution enables staff to control expenses using smart prepaid credit cards.

Manage your small business' finances more effectively

All expenditures are recorded and stored in real time, allowing for improved accountability and auditing. With Happay, you can limit employee expenses as it can specify purpose, allowable figures, item categories and other expenses-related factors. This way, you can effectively allow staff to spend minus the danger of overspending, enabling you to stick to your budget.

The solution also keeps track of all purchases, storing them in a single location. It is this feature that also enables users to access data with ease and simplify their searches for details.

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Happay is available on a quote-basis. You can contact the vendor for a customized quote and other product details. Web-based time tracking and billing software SpringAhead is specifically targeted at staffing and professional service firms and accounting practitioners. The solution is easy to set up and also act as an expense report tool, capable of automatically itemizing transactions, monitoring project expenditures and hastening expense reporting. It can likewise quickly create custom invoices for your company. SpringAhead can automate timesheet filling and time card approval, making staff attendance monitoring an easy task.

In addition, it enables users to itemize item description so that what shows up in invoices can be specified. Users can likewise import credit and bank card transactions from a specific file as the product supports credit and bank card integration. This is complemented by its foreign currency conversion tools. To make things even better, you can monitor revenue and labor costs by project while being able to manage activity, class and departments. SpringAhead is available on a quote basis. You can contact the vendor directly to request for a customized quote.

Expense management and reimbursement platform Fetch is designed to simplify expense reporting and reimbursement for team members. This user-friendly piece of software can be used by anyone, making it possible for businesses to accurately track and document employee expenses and reimbursement. It is easy to setup, and also supports any device running on Android or iOS. Its intuitive dashboard features an interface that makes for easy navigation. After completion of the setup, the tool can be linked to a bank account, which will allow for faster payment and reimbursement.

Employees can enjoy quick submission of their expenses using their mobile devices without having to use email for figure validation or clarification. With Fetch, users can be sure that all their transactions are protected as security is of paramount concern to the vendor. Businesses are provided with insights into their operations through the generation of reports for use by accountants and bookkeepers.

MoneyWorks is a total solution that is designed especially for businesses and finance and accounting professionals. It is a powerful piece of software that is packed with features designed to manage your accounting data and help your business run smoothly.

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The product enjoys full technical support and updates, can easily fit into your processes and seamlessly integrate with existing systems. Designed to be highly flexible and interoperable, MoneyWorks enables users to structure accounts to match organizational needs. These integrations result in a more streamlined workflow for your business. You can easily access company data through on screen lists that the system automatically generates. MoneyWorks has powerful reporting features that can help you manage your accounting processes.

Its reports and subsummary functionalities are complemented by a report writer that allows you to come up with reports that you need. The product is easy to use and does not require any formal training to learn. Zybra Accounting is cloud-hosted so its modules work smoothly with any desktop.

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It centralizes your financial-related data and transactions, such as: payments, invoicing, expenses, cash flow, bank reconciliation and accounting reports. The UI is intuitive and matches the requirements of non-technical users, allowing them to automate repetitive tasks and routines. This greatly streamlines the accounting process, such as, utilizing the single-click estimate-to-invoice feature and setting up recurring invoices.

A key Zybra feature is the built-in machine learning that can translate into digital data any uploaded sales bills and receipts. It also integrates with key business systems like a POS. For security features, the accounting software uses multilayered firewalls and data encryption to protect your confidential data at rest and in transit. Other notable features to check include integrated payment gateway for receivables, cash flow management and inventory management. So there you have it, our top 20 accounting software for Mac.

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Each one has its own benefits to offer, but one is bound to suit your business. Senior writer for FinancesOnline. If he is not writing about the booming SaaS and B2B industry, with special focus on developments in CRM and business intelligence software spaces, he is editing manuscripts for aspiring and veteran authors.

Some systems give you a range of users or even unlimited users that you can set up with an account in just a few minutes. Desktop software typically requires you to purchase additional user licenses for each computer you want to install the solution on. Accessibility: Cloud-based solutions allow you to log into the software from any computer or mobile device.

With on-premise software, you would only be able to access your financial data from the computer where the software is installed. A smaller company might need the convenience of cloud accessibility. If an employee is traveling for business or working from home for the day, they will have easy access to the data if needed. Data backups: Online software generally allows automatic cloud data backup. Depending on the package, there may be a storage capacity limit.

Desktop software requires data to be backed up manually.

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Security: Some business like the idea of having their data secured on designated computers within the company instead of storing data on the cloud. Talk with a Software Expert…. Recommendations Report. Small Business Accounting Software Get the best small business accounting software for your business.

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