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Select System Preferences. Click iCloud. Hold Option while opening Photos.

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Select an iPhoto Library and click Choose Library. Click Photos.

Click Preferences. Click Use as System Photo Library.


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With all of your photos now stored locally on your Mac in their full splendor, you can back them up using whatever means you prefer. Using Time Machine? If so, your Photo Library is being backed up already. And as we said, if you have Backblaze installed, we do that for you, too.

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You can make a copy of that by clicking and dragging it onto another disk. For extra redundancy, upload the Photos Library to a cloud sync service. Photos allows you to create multiple libraries.

How to Back Up Your Photos or iPhoto Library

The days of sticking negatives in a shoebox are long behind us. Digital photography is by nature more ephemeral. In other words, iPhoto and your iPhoto library are still in the state they were last time you used it. You can navigate there using Finder or Launch Pad the silver rocket ship icon, unless you have removed that from your dock.

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But personally I find the easiest way to launch a program to be to use Spotlight. Simply click the magnifying glass in the top right corner of your screen near your clock or press Command-Spacebar and then begin typing the name of the program you want to run. When you quit iPhoto it will disappear from your dock again unless you click and hold the icon on your dock until a menu pops up.

How to Download Older Mas OS Installers from Mac App Store?

If iPhoto refuses to run because the version is not compatible it just needs to be upgraded to the final version of iPhoto. Upgrade using Apple Store. A few moments later it should show up on the updates list.