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Happy with the replacement. Ranked Most Helpful Review. As it was the primary zipper that eventually broke, i was gratified to see that the replacement had had a more substantial one. Maybe i can get ten years out of this one For what types of Journeys and Adventures do you think this product works best? Did you find this review helpful? Yes No. It's very comfortable to wear and holds everything I need. The pockets inside are great for organizing my stuff. However, the media pocket is really tough to get into.

While this is a bonus for theft-protection, it often takes me several minutes to get this pocket zipped back up after strugging with it to get it open. And, as with most packs, it lacks a strap-stowing system so the excess strapage just hangs around, getting in the way. Those two minor points aside, this is a great-looking highly functional pack!

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How do you usually use this item? However, I find this particular pack to be quite a bit more comfortable and well-designed organizationally than any other.

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Additionally, this backpack holds a large laptop as well as textbooks and paper. Easily fits my The straps are wider than average, which is cool if you're carrying a heavy load decreases the pressure on your shoulders. Also fits my friends The way the pouches are organized isn't the best. Despite the main pouch being large, it's opening is kinda small that's why the bag seems to be "pointed" up. Also, has pockets within pockets, which is a bit confusing. These are minor drawbacks though.

Overall, solid bag. I am impressed with the design and attention to detail. It is comfortable to wear and most importantly, protects the laptop pretty well.

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Even the outside non-laptop areas are padded - and doubled at the bottom, for the laptop - which means I can sometimes carry two laptops when my work requires it. The size is just right for a 15" laptop, a few books, papers, pens, and a CD player I have ordered a My only little disappointment is that the zippers aren't the fat durable kind. They're just normal zippers. Hopefully they won't cause me any issues. Overall, a very attractive laptop backpack made with quality materials and good laptop protection.

The free shipping to Canada from eBags was worry-free and only took about a week and a bit. I'm pretty pleased. What do you usually use this item for? After getting it in the mail, trying it on, and filling it with my laptop, a few books, a power brick, a Logitech V mouse, and a Logitech USB headset, I was more than satisfied. The notebook compartment fits my widescreen Although it can house a notebook 17" notebook, after seeing how much the elastic had to stretch to tighten my E in, I doubt the elastic will stretch far enough to cover a full 17" notebook.

The two pockets shown against the notebook compartment are actually very small. It just fits my Logitech V, a semi-portable cordless mouse. The whole compartment is large, big enough to fit 3 good sized textbooks. The media compartment houses a Logitech USB headset perfectly, and it's a fairly large headset.

There are two side compartments; one on each side plus a water bottle holder on the right side. The water bottle holder will definitely only hold a small sized water bottle for sure a small Kirkland one from Costco would fit fine.

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  • The side compartments are pretty big. One held my Dell powerbrick wonderfully, not too tight at all. But, I've decided not to keep it. The reason is there is only one large compartment, and it just won't suit a sloppy person as myself who needs multiple compartments to keep organized.

    Not only that, filling the interior compartments with stuff makes the pockets protrude, taking away from the overall space provided for books, files, folders, etc.

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    If you have lots of papers and gadgets to store, you'd be better off with something else. PS: as many reviewers have said, the media compartment does have a tendency to stick. It is a 'slick' looking bag. Much more sophisticated than the typical backpack which he has used through most of his school years. If I were ten years younger, I too would use it, as a way to carry my laptop.

    It would be excellent for work to carry my laptop. Well made, stylish, definitely would buy it again. It is difficult to zipper and must be done slowly. The design is a bit frustrating.

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