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Speech Central is a feature-packed, text-to-speech software with years of development history culminating in an easy-to-use tool that just works. Start listening, pause Text to speech extension for a browser. Automatic text detection can speak without necessary selection , adjustable voice speed, playlist. Chrome Chromium Text to Speech Add a feature. Acapela Group, the leading European voice expert leaning upon 25 years of experience, invents text-to- speech solutions to give your content a voice in up to Chrome Speak, select the text and right-click to speak with offline tts engine - Select text and select "Read the selected text" from context menu.

Select and Speak uses iSpeech's human-quality text-to-speech TTS to read any selected text in the browser.

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Kurzweil is an application that scans text and reads it aloud. Kurzweil also has some other functions such as highlighting, circling, and fill in the blank. The only text to speech app that features interactive web. Aside from that it is a fully featured text to speech suite on the desktop. ClaroRead is an assistive technology software helping to readers with dyslexia to read aloud and providing word-prediction options for struggling writers.

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Alternatives 27 Comments 0 Reviews 0. Alternatives to NaturalReader for Mac with any license.

Pericles: Text to Speech Screen Reader Web-page TTS text to speech screen reader, that does not require cutting and pasting sentences or entire page sections Pericles benefits people with disabilities, eye The OCR feature needs the internet connection to work. Please make sure to connect the computer to the internet, the OCR will work. Please open NaturalReader full screen, click the three dots icon at the right side of the floating bar, you can find "Conversation control" option. Please send us your purchase receipt at sales naturalreaders.

This is due to the special encoding of some special pdf file.

Please try some other files with standard encoding, the problem should not occur. Microsoft speech engine may be corrupted.

To fix the problem, you may need to repair Microsoft speech engine. Open the pdf file directly in AdobeReader, click the floating bar button of NaturalReader to switch to the floating bar, select the text in the pdf file and click "play" button;. This is a license issue.

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The issue occurs because NaturalReader has been installed on more computers than it is allowed. PDFs that are not properly tagged for accessibility cannot be accessed by speech synthesizers since there is no information embedded in the file for the program to properly interpret and read out. There are various types of PDF files, depending on where they originated.

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These kinds of PDFs do not have the encoded meta-information of the text itself embedded in the file to allow a speech synthesizer to read it. Speech synthesizers by themselves can only read direct text, not images of text. For documents that contain images, you would need the OCR optical character recognition feature to first convert it into a readable file. It is also available with limitations up to images with NaturalReader Professional.