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Might this help? Pastes without formatting. I am on a Mac and I did this. I find myself deep in the middle of an organized research note only, to be interrupted by this terrible line spacing. Im pretty much going to scrap EN because of this. I just want to be able to click a button for double spacing on evernote just like any other word processor. But Evernote is not a word processing program. Or even, except in a fairly rudimentary sense, a text editing program.

While Evernote has indicated that there may be improvements someday in the text editing functions, right now, you're perhaps be less frustrated typing in a program designed to do what you want. That would be fine, megsaint, IF what you typed looked the same when pasted into Evernote. That's the problem.

I concur that text entry including pasting text, but also when simply editing text does not behave as expected. This gets very frustrating. I recently became a premium member in order to add my voice to the multitudes crying out for some Windows love. I agree with others that this is a request to fix basic functionality, not a new feature request.

If I paste plain text into a note, it has normal single spacing. But if I hit enter at the end of a line of text, it seems to change to double-spaced mode. Did what guy on first page said. Simplify Formatting and it worked perfectly. Rant retracted haha. This is the massive problem with Evernote. The staff simply don't listen. It is no good saying what Evernote is NOT.

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Why not listen to what people want and need it to be? We need to choose between single, one and a half spacing and double, when we want and for it to stay that way from app to app. Anything else is just rubbish. To say it is not a word processor is insulting and amateur.

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What do you think Evernote is? A toy, clearly. Evernote is only getting away this because there is no competition out there who does a better job of the word processor. Once someone does watch Evernote collapse. Why can Evernote not sort out the formatting issue which is rubbish from one app to the next and why do you not make it a professional word processor and then novelists and other writers will use it?

At the moment it a shabby piece of equipment too keen on networking and sharing. You forget not everyone wants to share!! We just want an app and a program fit for purpose not a multi tasking tool with the first, most basic task, that of INPUT not working properly. Please listen to your forums and not just tell us to go and find another program.

Or we just will. I repeat There are times when I'm dealing with single-spaced text and do something very simple like delete a line of text or combine two lines and, all of a sudden, I'm at double spacing or one-and-a-half spacing with NO simple way to get single spacing back. The frustrating thing is that Evernote seems to spend so much of its time on esoteric new features that can't be applicable to more than a small minority of users and ignores the cries of so many who want simple functionality.

It can't be that difficult because hundreds -- perhaps thousands -- of other programs have those basic capabilities. Why not take some of the time spent on programming to capture new customers with exotic capabilities and spend that time programming to make the base happy? It really is a mystery.

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It seems it would take so little of your programming time to make so many of your current customers so much happier. I'd call Evernote's editing capabilities in the realm of rich-text editing, and not full-on word-processing. It's a spectrum to me. Many users do want its editing functionality to be stronger as do I , and asking for it is certainly valid.

On the other hand, sharing your notes across devices is a primary focus for Evernote the other biggies are in collecting and accessing note content. They're not forgetting anything; they're just focusing on a that they think is their strength. Totally agree..

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I'm a Premium Member and am constantly irritated by the editing glitches and inconsistencies. I regularly have to edit in Word or Notepad and paste from there. The first line of defense always seems that Evernote is not a word processor. Well I type into notes and Evernote formats it of sorts and I can change fonts and so on, so I think by definition it is a word processor.

Just a particularly bad one that has issues that have been well documented for many years. I'm also finding a lot of issues with the formatting of Web Clipper being all over the place sometimes. It seems to be browser dependent to some extent, maybe not liking Chrome? I probably use this facility more than any other and can't wait till when it's fully working properly. Just installed the plugin into Safari - surprise surprise Quick search reveals this issue talked about in January.

I give up! Evernote has always had subpar text editing - and I am putting it very mildly.

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My thinking is that if they do decide to add features related to the text editor, DON'T. Haven't since about Ever paste a block of text into Evernote and when you try to edit it later find out that you can only select all the text, as if it was an image? Once pasted, that's it!

Let it be. And did I mention that it almost definitely will not get any better than this? Editing text, that is.

Use EN for what it is and do not hope for or expect a lot of neat features to be added. Real feature; not the trimmings they love to add, but working, useful features. For that ther are a number of other note-taking programs that do text editing well. Blowed if I can see any bug here. I just tried copying pararaphs of text from Gmail into Evernote and it copied just fine.

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