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Will reveals that he had a one-night stand with Texas Longford Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove , the girlfriend of his brother Dodger, at Dirk's engagement party at the Chez Chez club. Shortly after his confession, he ends up unconscious following a fall from the stairs leading more. Hollyoaks character Will Savage will soon confess to his one-night stand with Texas Longford. Will James Atherton is to reveal the affair with brother Dodger's girlfriend Texas Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove in January, but will tell an elaborate lie in order to win back favour from his family and friends, according to Inside Soap.

Dodger Savage's family dramas have surprising consequences on Hollyoaks next week as they lead to his brother Will and girlfriend Texas enjoying a night of passion together. Viewers will see Dodger's world rocked in the coming days as he tracks down his biological father Patrick Blake and also discovers that he has a twin sister Sienna. Dodger Danny Mac is initially reluctant to share his life-changing news with his loved ones back in the village, which leads to a misunderstanding when Texas Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove spots him with Sienna and assumes that he is cheating on her with this mystery girl.

When Texas confronts him, Dodger is afraid of revealing the truth in front of his family, so he lies by saying that he has indeed been unfaithful. Dodger does later confide in Will James Atherton more. Hollyoaks star Danny Mac has admitted that he would like his character Dodger Savage to settle down in a more serious relationship. The actor, who has been with the show for over a year, said that he hopes Dodger can work things out with on-off love interest Texas Longford Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove.

Dodger is secretly distraught in the coming days after Texas announces plans to leave the village in favour of a fresh start in Australia. Mac, asked whether Dodger and Texas could be a good couple, told All About Soap: "I think they could, but who knows with those two? It depends on whether she stays in the village or goes overseas. It would be nice to see him change - he can't be a womaniser forever. Sorry there was no column last week, but the big U. East Coast storm left me without power for several days. And now that the story has begun to unfold, leading to the badly-played season finale in which Lucas and Bilal kissed, I hate it even more.

Texas Longford's life will hang in the balance in Hollyoaks next week when serial killer Silas Blissett escapes from his psychiatric hospital to kidnap her. Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove , who plays Texas, told Inside Soap that her character is "never going to be safe again" regardless of whether Silas kills her. Hollyoaks serial killer Silas Blissett will escape from hospital later this month. The evil grandfather, played by Jeff Rawle , is back on screen this week as Texas Longford starts visiting him to seek answers over Lynsey's murder.

As seen in our recent picture preview, Texas Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove will provoke Silas's rage as they clash during one particular visit.

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However, it seems that Silas's return plot will get even more sinister as he later manages to do a disappearing act from the psychiatric hospital. Now on the loose again, Silas heads to Texas's flat for a terrifying showdown more.

Spoiler Warning: This article will confirm the outcome of Doctors' recent fire cliffhanger. Hollyoaks airs Silas Blissett's return scenes in the coming days as the aftermath of Lynsey Nolan's shock death continues.

Dodger Savage

Fans were left stunned this week as Lynsey was unexpectedly murdered, bringing actress Karen Hassan 's two-year stint on the soap to an explosive conclusion. As news spreads that the cause of Lynsey's death was strangulation, an atmosphere of fear returns to the village as people begin to wonder whether Silas's reign of terror has inspired a copycat killer. Texas Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove is more affected than most by the tragic turn of events given her personal connection to the Silas case, and viewers will see her paying visits to the serial killer in a desperate bid to get answers - or at least some closure.

Silas Jeff more. Wretch 32 and Romola Garai are among the stars who have come out to support gender equality for the st International Women's Day. Delilah, Ghostpoet and Lianne La Havas have also joined forces with Equals to fight against discrimination, violence and sexism. Garai picked her Hours co-star Dominic West to be her equal for the project.

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The pair said: "We will know we are equals when there are as many female characters as male characters on our television and in films. Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove , who plays Texas in the more. Hollyoaks airs some explosive episodes in the coming days as serial killer Silas Blissett prepares to strike again, lining up four possible targets as his reign of terror continues.

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As reported at the weekend, Silas Jeff Rawle will soon step up his torment of Lynsey Nolan Karen Hassan as he sets her a sick challenge, ordering her to guess who he's planning to murder next. Silas promises that he'll hand himself in if Lynsey figures it out, but if she fails, another girl will die.

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Lynsey is horrified when she finds a chess queen as she realises its significance, more. Hollyoaks star Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove has admitted that the soap's sinister serial killer Silas Blissett could strike again this year. Last month, fans saw Silas Jeff Rawle murder student India Longford after making contact with her online in the guise of a handsome admirer.

The plot is revisited in next week's episodes, which see Spendlove's character Texas prepare to pay her final respects to her sister as the day of India's funeral arrives. However, in a twist, Texas ends up at Silas's mercy after taking drugs to help her get through the day. According to Cohen and Ross, accepted by the OED, this is the origin of the figurative meaning of red herring.

In the piece, William Cobbett critiques the English press, which had mistakenly reported Napoleon's defeat.

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Cobbett recounted that he had once used a red herring to deflect hounds in pursuit of a hare, adding "It was a mere transitory effect of the political red-herring. Quinion concludes: "This story, extended repetition of it in , was enough to get the figurative sense of red herring into the minds of his readers also with the false idea that it came from some real practice of huntsmen. She made her first appearance on 24 November ; the character was introduced as an extension of established McQueen family and became a fan favourite for her cute, bubbly personality and dark storylines.

During her first five years on the show, Porter was featured in numerous high-profile storylines, including: underage sex. Porter announced her departure from the soap in October , her exit scenes aired on 9 January It was announced in April , four months after her exit scenes aired, that Porter would be returning to the serial as Theresa, with her return scenes airing on 25 August Theresa's storylines since her return have included: a breakout from prison, it was revealed. Theresa left the soap on 11 March as a result of Zack Loveday cheating on her with Joanne Cardsley ; the character was announced in early November She was described as a "teen temptress" and " lolita type".

Porter, speaking of her new role, said: "I'm thrilled to be joining not just Hollyoaks but one of soap's most notorious families. Although she's feisty with outsiders, Theresa's ranking within the family is low so she's eager to impress. Theresa was mentioned earlier before her entrance to the soap on-screen during a conversation between Myra and Nana McQueen , her mother Kathleen McQueen was mentioned when it was revealed she was in prison; the character of Theresa was first described as "A'teen temptress' and'Lolita type' who has a distinct lack of self-awareness.

Her vulnerability is her status within her family and she is alert to the fact that she has a long way to go before she becomes a real member of the McQueens. Her keen love of men was noted. In , Porter commented on the character, saying: "She's got load of attitude, but she's got a good heart, too. Although she'd flirt with your boyfriend, she wouldn't mean to hurt you.

Watcha gonna do?

'Hollyoaks' Danny Mac interview: 'Dodger looks guilty in murder plot'

The episode, set in May , featured the wedding of Calvin and Carmel Valentine , as well as the murder of Calvin; this started a six-month-long'whodunnit'. During May , Theresa was revealed as the killer; when asked what her reaction to the news that she was the murderer, Porter said: "I was a bit gutted because I thought I'd be gone, because everyone gets puts away for life if they kill someone.

I believe one day she should get her comeuppance and I think she does. It was never planned. She's not a murderer — she's a year-old girl with little girl tendencies, she wants to talk about boys and clothes and make-up this comes along and changes her. She was stressed out about it and he's getting married so she thinks,'If I go and tell him maybe he won't get married to her and maybe he'll want to bring up the baby with'.

I think she thought he would be with her. You saw her vulnerable when her mum left but this is a total helplessness, she just doesn't know what to do.

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He admitted he wanted a different killer. He stated: "My opinion was. If I was going to pick a killer for Calvin I don't think anyone had a strong enough motive apart from Mercedes and Spencer. With Malachy, I was sleeping with his wife. Mercedes is a woman sc. She debuted on-screen during the episode airing on 9 June and was introduced by series producer Lucy Allan as the ex-girlfriend of Lydia Hart. In September , it was announced that Yamazaki and Charlotte had departed Hollyoaks and her final scenes had aired, with Charlotte making her final appearance on 17 September In May , in an interview with entertainment website Digital Spy , Hollyoaks series producer Lucy Allan announced that a number of students at Hollyoaks Community College would be moving out of Halls of Residence in preparation for the new term.

In July , it was announced by the media. Charlotte was noted for being the second homosexual female character to be introduced in In September , Yamazaki was unexpectedly written out of the show. After her departure, the Hollyoaks official website confirmed her final scenes had aired. Fans of Charlotte became angry with executive producer Paul Marquess because they thought he had axed her.

In reality Yamazaki had quit to concentrate on her writing. Whilst interviewed by entertainment website Digital Spy Marquess stated: "I just want to put the record straight that Amy who played Charlotte wanted to go, because I think a lot of people were angry with me for'axing' Charlotte — which I didn't! She wanted to go off and write, so that's why she fell off an arch! She has an alternative dress code, with Channel 4 publicity stating that she is a'Tokyo grunger', she is described as super friendly and cool and knows how to hold her own. With script writers referencing on-screen.

After the character had appeared on-screen for a brief period of time her style was described as'funky and feisty' and has been applied a trend of bold clothing to create a'Tokyo pop' look. Charlotte is very open about her sexuality and makes reference to it on-screen on a number of occasions. In October , Amy Yamazaki, whilst talking about the character's sexuality, stated in an interview with PA: "As far as I'm concerned, acting is just acting whether you're kissing a boy or a girl. Chances are you're not going to fancy them — they're just people you work with.

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I don't want to come across as someone who'll kiss anybody but when it comes to an acting job, I don't have an opinion if my character fancies a person whether it be boy, girl or, I don't know, mushroom. Archie Carpenter starts flirting with Charlotte and is annoyed to find out she is a lesbian , realising many girls in the village are lesbians or have had lesbian encounters.

Ravi Roy is embarrassed when Charlotte tells him she is a lesbian. On 24 July, Charlotte begins to get closer to Lydia; the pair see Lydia's girlfriend Sarah Barnes kissing Rhys Ashworth and assume something is going on, however they are unaware she did it to get music tickets for her and Lydia.