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This year's big iPhone update, iOS 12, aims to solve many of the issues that arose during iOS 11's controversial, buggy tenure. With that in mind, it may be tempting to jump on board the new software immediately and leave iOS 11 in the dust for good. Here are some reasons why Mac owners— life just got a little easier.


No longer do you have to wait in line for the newest version of iLife. No more searching Amazon or eBay for the best price on Aperture. And no more Angry Birds on your mobile device's small touchscreen! Yes, the new Mac App Store wa Grabbing things off the Internet is common procedure for most internauts. To get started using Automator to scrape mp3s or other content from web pages, take alook. We all want a faster, more efficient web browsing experience. Some immediately flocked to Google Chrome as soon as it was released, because of its super fast speeds.

Others restrained themselves and continued to wait for Microsoft and Mozilla to play catchup. And the time is a If you've ever jailbroken an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, then you're probably already well acquainted with PwnageTool. What you may not know, however, is that, thanks to the efforts of an iPhone hacker named Johnny Franks, there now exists a PwnageTool bundle for the beta vers Google's much anticipated eBook Store has finally opened. As of today, the digital bookselling enterprise is awaiting your needs, with over 3 million eBooks to read directly on the web or on other platforms, like Android, iPhone, iPad, Sony and Nook devices.

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And the best part There's a million web games spread throughout the internet now, and if you like to play them, you probably want to play them all the time. And if you play one flash game, you probably play another, maybe 10 or But what if you don't have an internet connection one day? No longer will you need to get in your car and head down to the software store to pick up the latest copy of Photoshop. With Apple's new Mac App Store you can purchase and install the latest apps fromthe comfort of your own home!

In this tutorial, Gary Rosenzweig takes a look With the new iOS 4. Despite the new AirPrint software in iOS 4. Watch this video tutorial to see how to download PdaNet to both your Android phone a We show you how to play video you download from the internet on your TV using an iPod Video and remote dock Then we give you an updated review on Parallels software which enables the use of Microsoft Windows and Windows applica Learn about the Sidebar devices, the Sidebar shared, the Sidebar places, and the Sidebar search for.

Mac OS X. It's what makes a Mac a Mac. Learn about the Finder basics, the Sidebar, view buttons, and Quick Look. Flickr is the most known and dependable photo sharing website to date, so if you haven't made an account yet, you better now, if you want to share your precious photos with family, friends, and even the whole world! Flickr allows you to store digital photographs online and sha Join the Pilot program and learn how to fly!

But you're not going to be flying airplanes in this Pilot program, you'll be trying your hands at Google's first laptop computer. It's called the Cr, a black notebook wh ich runs an extraordinary operating system— Google Chrome. Then, before you actually get started developing for the iPhone, you'll need to register as a developer with Apple.

I have a mac osx 10.3.9 and need to download firefox version that will run on it.

Then, you But what if you don't have high speed internet? Jordan Patterson the Cheap Geek has made a video showing you the steps to sync your contacts and calendars on three mobile devices together, the iPhone, a laptop running Windows, and a Mac running OS X utilizing a few downloaded programs and Google Calendar. First he shows you Some may think it's impossible, but it could be… tethering your Motorola Droid X to your Mac OS X computer without paying for Verizon's expensive Mobile Hotspot, without rooting the Droid X, and without installing any additional Android applications.

It does sound impossible, Linux is a fully functioning free operating system that you can download online. Just because you are using Linux Ubuntu doesn't mean your projects have to suffer or look less professional that those made on traditional operating systems like Windows or Mac OS X.


In this tutor To start, open internet browser. Use search engine and type file zilla. Click on FileZilla search result. On the main page click Download FileZilla cl First of all you need to have a DVD. Now insert your DVD into your system. Now open your torrent movie from your folder. Now you also need a 'Xilisoft DVD creator'. It shall only take around ten mi Oh no! You've just accidentally deleted an important computer file!

Have no fear. When you delete a file on your computer, it is not necessarily destroyed. This video will show you how to search for and restore your file before it is lost forever. For Windows laptops and PCs it's easy to install Linux.

However for Macs, it's a different story. There are people installing Ubuntu on Macbooks and so far I've noticed that they are using 9. I've remastered my own Ubuntu Do you ever wonder if the files you're trashing on your Mac are actually trash? Let's say there are 80 million computer owners running Mac OS.

If each user trashes at least 10 files each day, that's million deleted files that cease to exist every 24 hours. If that doesn't Watch out Macs. Flashback is back. Variations of the trojan have reportedly infected , Mac computers around the globe, with about 57 percent in the U. Web, who discovered the spreading Flashback, said that these trojans install t Microsoft recently released the first sneak peak of their new operating system, Windows 8, and it's a pretty big departure from the last few major updates.

The new Windows 8 was built from the ground up, and is designed primarily as a touchscreen interface, which is perfect fo Your best friend's on Yahoo! Before you know it, your desktop is overflowing with buddy lists and message windows. Mismatched alert sounds are dinging and buzzing incessantly.

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