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A: It works fine with my Mac Book Pro. Q: Does this unit work with Mac High Sierra A: Yes, without any interruption. Q: Will this work with a Macbook? A: No problem, plugged into a Mac and worked out of the box. A: That is the reason I got mine for my Mac! It works great!! Q: will this work with an iMac late ? A: I have a Mac Pro late and it works just fine I would think you should have no issues.

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See more. Q: Will this work on a mini mac? Confoly Seller. A: Hello Wynne A. Stevens,Yes,it can work well with the mini mac. Q: does it work with Mac Book air ? A: Dear Elis Lira,yes, it can work well with the mac 12",just plug and play. Q: Does it work with an imac? A: Hello Susan Hanssen,yes it can! Q: Does anyone have a non- mac laptop with windows 10 using this? Will it work well without installing anything else? A: Dear David M. Stearns,this usb c superdrive is not only use for mac ,but also use for other laptop and pc with windows. As the windows 10 is the latest window system,so sometimes it will limit some drive function,the best way is that you install a new DVD player for the it,thanks.

Q: Is this for mac book only???

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A: If you have a usb-c port it will be alright. Q: Macbook pro Get an LG they work great and worth the price. Q: Can i transfer home movies from my mini-dvds to my mac with this? A: Yes. Q: can i use this to load the info from a CD onto my desk top? A: i believe you can, bought it for my hubby to use with his Mac!! You might also like.

If you find yourself in need of an external CD drive, there are a few factors you will need to consider before making your final purchase. Not all external CD drives are created equal, especially if you will be using yours for work or gaming. In this case, you will want to look into getting a drive that uses a bit more power but will save you time in the long run.

First, consider the size you need. If your goal is portability, then you will want a small, slim drive that draws power from your laptop. Keep in mind that this will drain your battery power more quickly and slow down your programs. If you go with a bigger external drive, it might require a power adapter, but it will run faster and work well for file transfers and gaming. Second, consider the extra features your chosen external CD drive offers.

Consider the amount of RAM available and how much is necessary to perform your intended functions.

Third, consider your operating system. If you are using a Mac, read the product description carefully to ensure that your chosen drive will work with your computer. Finally, consider the transfer speeds. If your chosen drive uses minimal power but transfers and a low rate, it might not be best for gaming or frequent file transfers. However, if all you need is to rip a CD now and then or watch the occasional DVD, then a basic drive is probably a good choice.

James T. Russell , an American inventor, is the widely accepted inventor of the original compact disc prototype that recorded information digitally on optical transparent foil.


The 8 Best External Optical Drives of 12222

The foil was back lit by a halogen lamp, and Russell filed for the patent in It was four years before his patent request was approved. Afterward in the s, Phillips and Sony both obtained licenses to produce compact discs and drives. Compact discs were officially released in and mostly used to play music because it was discovered that laser disc technology was excellent for storing and playing audio files. They were highly popular even though they were incredibly expensive. Because the design was uniform across all compact discs, any disc could be played on any player across all brands.

This made them easy to produce and sell without causing the music industry to miss a beat. When it was initially released, the CD was used only for storing and playing audio files.

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The CD-ROM was capable of holding far more than the average floppy disc, and it became the popular choice for storing and accessing media files. The rapid advancements in technology within the past twenty years of necessitated even more changes in digital storage meaning that the CD-ROM drive has taken a back seat in computer production. Because the drive is being left out of so many laptops in favor of a sleek, compact design, external CD drives have become a necessary commodity.

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Best Inexpensive. Apple Superdrive. Trayless operation No usb type-c model available Data transfer speed is a bit slow. Dual-plug usb y-cable A bit slow at ripping blu-rays Somewhat noisier than others. Connects to a single usb port Relatively loud Slow to burn standard dvds.

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Roofull Portable. Works with usb versions 2 and 3 Plug and play installation Cable is just a few inches long. Guamar DVD. Compatible with modern imacs Protective carrying case Costly for a non-blu-ray device. Buffalo MediaStation. Compatible with m-disc archival Covered by a two-year warranty Somewhat flimsy construction. Pioneer Super Slim.

Compatible with all usb standards Magnesium-alloy case Handles blu-ray discs quickly. LG Electronics Ultra Slim. Available in four colors Less than 2 centimeters thick Write speeds of up to 24x. Nolyth Burner. Comes with a type-a adapter Can record to dvds at 8x Covered by a 2-year warranty. Asus ZenDrive. Capable of password protection Bundled with nero backup software Sleek and sturdy design.