Viettien dictionary for mac v2.01

D, published on the magazine of National Geographic Vol n. During the time Vietnam suffered occupancy by foreigners, it mustered up all energy and resources to fight against foreign invaders. As a result, the most tragic ending in the history brought Vietnam to being the most underdeveloped and poorest country in the world. Millions of people died, millions of families were sundered, and millions people left their country to find freedom.

Viet tien dictionary for mac v2.01

Geographic location makes Vietnam the "Holy land that generates outstanding heroes," and "Vietnam is favored by nature because the earth 's womb has most main factors of the earth's crust. Vietnam is located on the important area of the Northern continent and the Southern continent on the earth and of continent and ocean.

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Therefore, Vietnam is located on the important area of 2 tectonic belts and metallogeny with size of the planet on Pacific Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Vietnam is midway of international trade route from east to west. Its economic potentiality and strategic location has turned Vietnam into an attractive target of foreign invasions and international conflicts.

On the other hand, the ups and downs of Vietnam have brought in many good opportunities for its people to absorb the civilizations of both east and west, compromise them and creatively apply into the reality of Vietnam. At the threshold of the third millennium, the truth of Vietnam history was recovered, which has changed all previous knowledge about the races and civilization of the Vietnamese. In the spring of , millions of people decided to flee for freedom. Presently, 4 million people from Vietnam are residing outside Vietnam as refugees; majority of these are intellectuals and professionals contributing the most advanced kowlege to their new homeland around the world.

Nguyen De and Dr. It is bordered by the People's Republic of China to the north, gulf of Thailand to the south, Laos and Cambodia to the west, and Pacific Ocean to the east. The total combined length of borderlines with Vietnam's neighboring countries is 4, km. Its central part is a narrow strip of land, the narrowest part of which is approximately 50 km long from the east to the west. Vietnam has a long coastline of about 5, km 2, miles 14 from Quang Ninh Province, the northernmost point, to the cape of Ca Mau, that looks out on the Pacific Ocean. Vietnam has an advantageous geographic location with long coastline resembling a balcony looking out over the Pacific Ocean, which can control all sea routes from the northeast of Pacific Ocean to the south, East Sea of Vietnam,.

Vietnam is located in the Indochinese peninsula in Southeast Asia. Vietnam's territory runs along the east coast of the peninsula. According to Wikipedia in Vietnamese, Vietnam has a land border with China 1. Until now, Vietnamese geographic and historical books have still been based on figures published during French domination where they introduced a coastline of 2,km to 3, km long.

Vu Huu San, a researcher, measured the coastal line and estimated about 5, km. Valencia gave a relatively exact figure of Vietnam's coastal line of 2, miles about 5,km. Thus, Vietnam is "the crossroad of international trade" and also "the strategic position" of Southeast Asia in particular and the world in general.

South East Asia sea is located in the east of Vietnam, therefore, we called it as East Sea in the old days. South East Asia Sea covered an area of about 3,, km 2. Encompassed by the Philippines and Indonesia, the Southeast Asia Sea or East Sea of Vietnam functions as a balcony looking out the Pacific creating a long coastline of 5, kilometers together with 4, big and small isles comprising 2, km 2 off-shore territory. According to the newest statistics, Vietnam has inhabited 65 islands, among which, 6 big islands are Phu Quoc with population of 50, inhabitants; Cai Bau with population of 20,; Phu Quy 18,; Ly Son 16,; Cat Ba 15, and Cat Hai 13, In Ha Long bay, there are thousands of eroded limestone isles that form many picturesque landscapes and extremely beautiful and unique scenery.

Inside each of these isles, there are interesting caves of stalagmites and stalactites. These isles were listed by Unesco as a World Heritage Site. In Vietnamese history, there were many famous feats of arms at Van Don seaport and Bai Tu Long isle, about km away from coastline. These places are important defensive positions of Vietnam.

Historically, residence of Baiyue community were not only Spratly islands but also Hainan islands and present-day Chinese territory over 6 thousand years ago. Jiaozhi was ruled by a Chinese Governor stationed in Cangwu present-day Guangxi. Each county was ruled by a Han Chinese Governor and Districts were ruled directly by Vietnamese Generals who were conferred a title of District Chief and a green bronze belt.

Once again, this fact affirms the area from valley of 2 rivers, Yellow river and Yangtze river, to the south of China including Hainan island, Paracel islands, Spratly islands belonged to Bai-Yue and it were invaded by Chinese Han Wuti Emperor in BC. After Han army had occupied Nanyue, a number of Nanyue residents and Luo Le people in Hainan island continued to fight against the Han's invasion.

Because of that, Tfch Quang was displaced. Until then Hainan island, Paracel islands, and Spratly islands still belonged to Vietnam even during the rule of the Han dynasty. It were an undeniable proof of Vietnam's sovereignty of Paracel islands and Spratly islands. During the Rhuan dynasty, these islands were part of Quang Ngai district, Quang Nam province and ruled directly by the court.

In , these islands were administrative units of Paracel delegation under Thua Thien province.

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These islands lie off the coast from Khanh Hoa to Nanyue. Spratly Islands has over isles of all sizes comprising an area of , km 2. Formerly, these islands belonged to Quang Nghia district, then to Ba Ria province in , and to Phuoc Tuy province in Presently, Spratly district, belongs to Khanh Hoa province. It is believed that this is region contains great amount of hidden resources including oil under its continental shelf. Total isles, hills, islets, rocks, sandbars, shoals of Paracel are Island, dune, cay, rock, bank, shoal, reef. The demographics of showed that its population came to It have become an important partner of APEC as well as other countries in the world. According to technical terms of maritime circles with the meaning from North Asia, Katti means ships and gara means sea route but kattigara lies in capital area, therefore Kattigara may be Ke Thi Gay which means the city of barges and Kattigara is Hon Gay.

The area has the geographic location of annamite range in the west, arc-shaped coastal region in the east of the coastline and bays, which concave into the land creating ideal trading ports and a gateway of international trade from the north to the south, from the east to the west and vice verse. The two ports, Cua Viet and Cua Tung, were places for merchant ships to conduct business on valuable and rare goods such as flavour, precious pearls, santai wood. When foreign navigators came to this area whose name was Champa Sea on the way to China, they usually called it South China Sea.

Western navigators didn't understand sovereignty of East Sea; therefore, they usually called it South China Sea as it is still called South China Sea on some maps for sea travel without any proper explanations. This fact was recorded in Tu Nguyen Re-writed published in and which showed that foreigners keep calling its South China Sea. On this 19 Page and Bao Phac Tu in the 4th century page It should not be limited the area of South China Sea as the above scope"?

In the beginning of the 20th century, this detail was reaffirmed in China's Geography Text Book published in which reads: "The Southernmost point of China is Chau Nhai coastline under Qiangzhou District Hainan Island at the 18th parallel". Chau Nhai and Dam Nhi districts of Hainan island run from the 20th parallel horizontal with Thanh Hoa to the 18th parallel horizontal with Nghe Tinh , whereas Paracel islands are located in the south, from the 17th parallel to the 15th parallel Quang Tri, Thua Thien, Quang Nam and Quang Ngai provinces , and Spratly islands are located from the 12th parallel to the 8th parallel Cam Ranh- Ca Mau.

The coastline of Vietnam is 5, kilometers, and under continental shelf, there are hidden high reserves of mineral oil but our country's rich potential has not been exploited properly. Vietnam is an agricultural country with Red river delta triangle whose distance from Viet Tri to gulf of Tonkin is 15 thousand kilometers.

Over 8, years ago, this plain which ran to Hainan island called Nanhailand and Sundaland was Indochinese Peninsula extending to Indonesia. It was the period of marine transgression. Sea level rose high about meters, which created gulf of Tonkin and separated Hainan Island from the plain in Northern Vietnam and Ca Mau cape from present-day Indonesia.

Annual rainfall is substantial in all regions ranging from to centimeters, which causes flood in some places. Vietnam is a tropical monsoon country of lowlands, mountains, and densely forested highlands in Northern and Central Vietnam.

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Winter begins in September and ends in December. Red river is 1, km from Yunnan to northern Viet Nam and its junction is Lo river and Da river of giant alluvium of million cubic meters every second. In rainy season, its flow increases 60 times, which makes its people embank and repair annually but sometimes dyke rupture occurs and flood reaches to 14 meters.

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On the other hand, alluvium accumulation makes Red river delta triangle more fertile for wet rice fields and it encroaches about meters on the sea annually. Highlands in the east and west of the northern Vietnam extend to midland with many high mountain ranges. Therefore, they are called 'Ten thousand big mountains' which are densely forested all year round. Fansipan, at 3, meters in the Hoang Lien Son range, is the highest mountain in Vietnam.

Mountain ranges in northern Vietnam running to gulf of Tonkin create the wonder of the world 'Ha Long Bay. After marine transgression, sea level rose high, which created gulf of Tonkin and separated Hainan island from present-day plain in northern Vietnam. In , the emperor Ly Thai To relocated the imperial seat to Dai La citadel and named it Thang Long 'the soaring dragon' where it became the capital city of Ly dynasty. It is a city representing a thousand years of civilization of Vietnam. In central Vietnam, these mountains horizontally branch the area into narrow plains before reaching the sea.

The plateau gains a reputation for Liangbiang mountain and Da Lat city are very beautiful scenic places. Particularly, the imperial citadel of Rhuan dynasty with unique and ancient-styled architecture of sweeping roofs and curved knives has been listed by Unesco as a World Heritage Site. Opposite the scenic views, Central Vietnam undergoes harsh weather, and the local people repeatedly suffer great difficulty for survival. They have iron will to stand many hardships and challenges like storms, drizzles, flood, monsoons that cause great damages to the crops and commerical activities.

Horizontal mountains range divides central Vietnam into pieces: a region of narrow plains.

It is the good land of warm climate and nice people; a one-time stopover of Expanding Southern Vietnam. The Mekong river delta is a vast expanse of land of 40, km 2 about 3 meters above sea level. It is a low ground with tangled systems of canals and trenches, full of swamps, immense rice fields, and is the biggest granary in the world. Every year it delivers a huge amount of alluvium, averagely about 1 billion cubic meters.

The local denizens usually call this delta South Western Vietnam where there are verdant orchards of all kinds of delicious fruits all year round.